The V Card - Sheffield's New

Membership Card Promoting Veganism


"We developed the V card because we care about animals, health and the environment and for us, following a vegan lifestyle is the best way to do this."

The V Card, is a Membership card that gives access to deals on a plethora of exciting vegan products across Sheffield; so members can enjoy a vegan lifestyle without emptying their wallets. There are several membership options including monthly, yearly and partnership memberships. We are also giving students 25% off the card at all times. The card encourages people to try new places they may not have heard of before, which also means that local independent businesses get more support thus helping the local economy. Any profits generated go to a different vegan orientated charity every season and we do fundraisers throughout the year to create more money for these charities. 

For non-vegans, The V Card gives them some fantastic incentives to help them choose healthy options for themselves and the planet. Not only do we provide deals on delicious vegan food but there are a variety of other options such as; thai yoga massage, yoga, skin care, nutrition sessions, vegan protein and ethical clothing. So something for everyone! Getting near to valentines day The V Card also offers an excellent gift that will keep on giving all year round! 


We hope to see the V Card grow and influence more businesses to provide vegan options and more consumers to choose them. This year we plan to gradually expand The V Card to Leeds so our members have even more choice and the vegan message continues to spread. 

Here are some examples of the deals on the card so far:

A free garlic bread or 10% off at Italia Uno

10% off vegan cakes and oat milk in your drink for no extra charge at Birdhouse Tea Bar & Kitchen

20% off vegan meals at Sentinel Brewing Co

£1 off any 12 inch vegan pizza at Interval Café/Bar

20% off vegan fitness supplements at For Fit’s Sake

Bottomless Brunch or 2 for one pancakes at Bessie’s Café & Bistro

10% off Heartcure’s online shop

20% off Yoga classes starting in Feb at Yoga with Maya

Buy one get one half price on lip balms at Sheffield Skin Care Company

20% off all cake orders over £10 at Lovely Pear

20% off Thai Yoga massage at Kamayati Concious Healing

And MANY more…

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The V Card's Current Chosen Charity is 

Sheffield Animal Action

"I started the V card in response to the rapidly growing vegan market. We have so many great vegan products and options across Sheffield so now seems like the perfect time to promote a vegan lifestyle.

I am vegan myself for ethical reasons and therefore the card is a way to further promote this environmentally conscious and animal friendly way of living by supporting businesses to offer more vegan products, by promoting them through the card, and by offering deals so it becomes even more

fun and attractive to choose a vegan lifestyle to the general public.’

Founder Rheanna Griffin


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