Rheanna Lucy Akua Griffin

Ayurvedic Nutritionist. Ayurveda Massage Therapist. Ayurvedic Chef. Vegan.

After many years of struggling with various health problems and finding no adequate solution within the western health system I started looking in to other ancient and holistic approaches to health. Along the way I swapped my vegetarian diet which I had grown up with for a vegan one, as ethically this made more sense to me and I instantly started to see some good results health wise too. Although this was a big step in the right direction it still seemed so difficult to know exactly what my body needed, especially with all the different and conflicting messages floating around in the mainstream media and it was clear that others around me were struggling too. After traveling around India, Sri-Lanka and living in Nepal for a stint I happened across Ayurveda and it completely changed my way of seeing health. Ayurveda is the most holistic health approach I’d ever come across. It looks across all of our life including general lifestyle, environment, friends we keep, psychological mentality and most importantly nutrition to find the root of our health issues or ‘imbalances’ and how to heal them and prevent any future problems. It delicately takes in to account an individuals unique ‘dosha’ which is comprised on differing quantities of 5 elements found in everything around us and tries to understand through 1000s of years of experience how best to keep that in balance. Although in India where it was discovered Ayurveda uses some dairy products, in the West (or global north) Ayurveda is much more likely to have true affect when following a vegan lifestyle as it suggests that stress and suffering can be passed on to us through the food we eat. Therefore the diet and lifestyle consultations I conduct are completely orientated around a vegan lifestyle. 

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