Miracle's Mission Rescue, Rehabilitation

And Re-homing Centre (Carlisle)


with Victoria Bryceson: charity founder and head of vegan events UK



Can you tell us a bit about what it is the shelter offers?

The Miracle's Mission Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-homing Centre is a dedicated centre for high-risk and vulnerable rescue animals, whether able-bodied or with special needs.

Our team is very dedicated and caring and are fully qualified/experienced in all aspects of animal training and behaviour. At the moment, we have space for a maximum of 10 dogs so we can give each dog the love, attention, training and physiotherapy it needs and deserves, to become the strongest and healthiest it can be, both physically and emotionally. Apart from excellent medical care, we offer a full physiotherapy schedule, which includes off site visits to a special pool for hydrotherapy.

Dogs with amputations or paralysis are fitted for special wheels, which is one of our biggest expenses, at about £490 per dog, ensuring each dog has mobility and is able to go for a much-needed run. With a focus on compassion to all animals and living a cruelty-free life, dogs in our care transition to a nutrient packed vegan diet. We provide all our new families (who offer re-homing to the animals) with training in positive reinforcement to support them in their own transition and to help them to understand the needs of their new furry family member.


Can you tell us the reasons why the centre was opened?


The opening was a natural progression for us. We have a shelter in Borneo where we have implemented a very successful TNRM (Trap, neuter, return, manage) campaign.

We are also building a new clinic and will assist with TNR for the biggest rescue centre in Egypt, with 1400+ rescue animals in their care. We have been eager to open a centre in the UK for quite a while, and with the right people and a lot of fundraising efforts, we have achieved our goal.

One of our concerns lay with the physically damaged dogs, the dogs no other shelters would take, the ones that would be put to sleep through no fault of their own. We wanted to give them a safe space, every opportunity to recover from their injuries and to gain mobility - giving them the best chance of being re-homed.


What sort of changes do you see in the animals at the centre?

We are so inspired by the changes we have seen in such a short time, Tally's health has improved since she arrived at the end of June, no more ear infections and she is no longer anaemic. She has responded so well to training and is now ready to be re-homed. Willow has undergone intensive physiotherapy since June and we have seen her make incredible progress. Along with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, she spends 30 minutes a day on her wheels. She has gone from being fairly immobile, to being the fastest dog on two wheels. She has gained some much-needed weight and has developed muscle in her once withered legs. Even without her wheels, she is now attempting to walk using all 4 legs. We are so happy with her progress.

Ella arrived recently and had so many problems. The constant dragging of her 3-legged body on a hard, rough surface at her previous shelter overseas had caused irreversible damage and we feared it was too late for her remaining back leg. Her broken bones had set into an awkward position making it impossible to use her leg.

In the short time she has been with us, she has had her leg re-positioned and put in plaster. She is receiving intensive physiotherapy and this week, she has made a great effort

to use her back leg for the first time when out and about on her wheels. She still has a long way to go but we now believe that she will succeed.

Just being with us has changed Nacho's life, as we rescued him from a kill shelter in Romania. He is a wonderful dog and should soon be ready for re-homing. Poppy, Daisy, 3-legged Petey, Jojo and special needs Bear will be joining us in a few weeks. Their original rescue space fell through and with nowhere to go, we opened our doors to them. We are so excited about making a difference in their lives.


How people can help?

There are many ways people can help, ranging from small and easy things to bigger challenging and more involved activities. Here are a few:

* Visit the Miracle's Mission Facebook page, click like and help spread awareness by sharing our posts. www.facebook.com/MiraclesMission

* Donate to our fundraisers. This can be done by clicking on the donate button on Facebook, or via PayPal info@miraclesmission.org

* Hold your own fundraiser, a bake sale, a sponsored activity, talk to teachers at your children's school , or at your church/social club and organise a sponsored event.

* Contribute items to our upcoming Facebook auction. New or used items are most welcome.

* Visit our Amazon wish list to help purchase items for the dogs, such as food, beds, treats etc. https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/1L736Y1PL5T34/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1?_encoding=UTF8&type=wishlist


* Take the Open Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge to raise a minimum of £200 for our charity. https://www.threepeakschallenge.uk/yorkshire-three-peaks-challenge/open-yorkshire-three-peaks-challenge


* Take part is one of our upcoming sponsored dog walks, see Facebook for more details.


* Attend any one of the following fundraising events; The Great Yorkshire Vegan Weekend (Leeds), The Winterfest Masquerade Ball (Leeds) or the Vegan Christmas Market (Manchester). Details can be found here https://www.veganeventsuk.co.uk/


Where you are hoping to be in a year at the shelter?

After a year, we hope to have given new life to many rescued dogs, renewed their health, developed their strength and mobility, taught them what is it to be loved, trained them and have successfully placed them in loving, forever homes.

The more dogs we can re-home, the more we can save. You know the saying, by rescuing a dog, you are helping 2 dogs; the one you rescue and the one that takes its place.

We hope to have raised awareness about what we do, which will enable us to be more successful, and to have secured sponsorship from both individuals and companies. We are implementing a major sponsorship campaign for anyone who is serious about becoming a Miracle's Mission sponsor.


If anyone would like further details, please contact us via: info@miraclesmission.org.


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