Psycho Syd's Vegan EP 'The Power of Vegan Love'


As part of the launch of his new website author, Positively Vegan contributor and former Manchester Indie DJ Syd Barnes has released a free EP 'The Power of Vegan Love' as a gift to his subscribers. Featuring the work of several well known vegan musicians (artist list below).  

If you want to download this album, see Syd and Kyd's website (link above).

FEATURING: Mobius Loop, Trailerbaby, Bert Miller And The Animal Folk,

Colour Me Wednesday, Rudy Warman and Emaline Delapaix





A Blackpool Vegan has kindly donated the track 'Paratransit' from her new album 'Night and Day' If you’re a fan of Spiritualised, John Lennon, The Beatles, Tori Amos, Pavement, Mercury Rev, The Shins, Ben Folds, Steve Reich, Arcade Fire, Belle and Sebastian, Velvet Underground you might like her because she likes them.



Bert's songs are simplistic and well crafted and his lyrics, honest and sincere. 

Add to this five accomplished musicians and you still won't be close to describing the brilliant, quirky, raucous beauty of Bert Miller And The Animal Folk. 'I Really Like Your Girlfriend,' is a track off the Birds album.



Are the young and angry musicians the Guardian says don’t exist anymore. Their hook-laden material explores experiences of SAD and depression, as well as outlining their vegan, feminist, anti-capitalist politics – all through timeless pop structures, infectious melodies, and backed up by a fearsome DIY punk ethic.

Share the track 'Shut' from their first album, 'I Thought it was Morning'.




An original band from, Folkestone, Southern England. Everything they do is homemade. This has led them to create a style that people seem to love. They have contributed to this album with the song 'Sweet' from Rudy Warman and the Heavy Weather Volume Three.




Is a Berlin-based Austrailian singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar, piano and Celtic harp. Her interests are veganism, animal rights, old guitars and amps, foraging and growing food, Doctor Who and weird and interesting instruments. Shares her haunting song 'Exorcism'. If you like Kate Bush or Tori Amos you will love Emaline.




Mobius Loop, from Preston create gloriously eccentric gypsy folk stories, fusing world music and conscious rap with eruptions of free-form dance charged with an intimately powerful and intense energetic live performance. Mobius Loop are on a mission to raise positive vibrations, projecting an organic co-operative voice for humanist spirituality, vegan philosophy, grassroots philanthropy, true democracy and alchemical magic, in the name of Hemp Redemption and the infinite unknown. Sharing song 'Five-Fifteen'.



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