Beth Kitchin 

Parent. Home-educator. Athlete. Vegan.

I am a vegan, home educating Mum to two very different, but equally incredible children who make me proud every day. My background is in psychology, where I specialised in child development and autism. I follow a positive parenting, gentle guidance approach to raising my children and our home educating style is very much autonomous and child led.  

When my children and I are not on nature walks, building models of the human body, baking vegan goodies, attending home education events or discussing Jupiter's moons/ Japanese Culture / The London Underground or other current interests; I can be found riding my bike or running through the wilds of Yorkshire. I hope to consider triathlon events in the future to add to my sportive and ultramarathon interests.

I may also be found cuddling one of the 21 beautiful beasties we share our home and lives with and dreaming of that elusive lottery win, so we could rescue more. 


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