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Blogger and YouTuber Little Vegan Flower, uses her vegan experience to help enlighten and guide people to a better more cruelty free lifestyle. Whether you are vegan or not, she welcomes you to the world of Little Vegan Flower.


"You’re never alone. Even if you don’t know anyone else that is vegan, even if all your family and friends don’t understand, if you have tried to have the conversation a million times and no one is listening, there is always someone you can speak to" 


Over the past few months, people have been getting irritated when I have been talking about Veganism. Maybe because it's all over the TV and newspapers,

with activists like Earthling Ed and Joey Carbstrong speaking out, Veganism has made national news. The change is coming, and we all need to stand together. 

Standing up for veganism is easy right? But what do you do with the people that just won’t listen, the ones who say “bacon though” and say they don’t care? There has been a lot of people saying that to me recently, “I just don’t care,” where do you go from there? You can’t make someone feel compassion; you can’t make them see what you see. You go home feeling like you haven’t done enough as you can never really do enough. If there are people out there who don’t care, then how will we ever manage to change the world? 

Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed by these thoughts. Overwhelmed because there is so much that needs to be done that I don’t know where to start. I want to scream from the rooftops about veganism and be able to explain to everyone that what we are doing is not right, but that just isn’t the best way to go, plus I am terrified of heights’ so that may not go well…

When I speak to friends and colleagues about being

vegan, some take it in and understand, some just amuse themselves with lettuce jokes and navigate away from the guilt they are feeling and others get angry. Joey Carbstrong once told me that anger is a good sign, a sign that you have hit a nerve and so to keep talking in a calm controlled manner. I have been trying to do this since speaking with Joey, and in most cases, it has gone well, the anger subsides and the realisation falls on their face. But sometimes they come right back at you. Not you as a vegan, you personally and that can be pretty hard to take. Some people just don’t want to hear it, they can attack you, make jokes about your lifestyle but when you try to do the same back, they cannot handle the truth that they’re faced with so react in anger. To be told that someone feels that you think you’re better than them just because you’re vegan seems crazy right? But that is how many people who eat animals see vegans. Just some hippy that is pushing their beliefs on everyone else.


What they do not realise is as vegans we have cruelty thrust in our faces every day. You wake up on a morning rollover pick up your phone and go on Facebook, what do you see? A post from a friend who was out last night, having the worlds most fantastic cow flesh on their plate, they see a romantic meal, you see an innocent animal remains on a plate. You head out for work; you stand at the bus stop behind you is a McDonald's advert, a “Happy Meal” everyone else sees something fun, some food, a toy what's better than that? You see the industry trying to hide the suffering of animals in slaughterhouses gasping for breath in a gas chamber not so “happy” now. You get to work, your colleagues decide to order in pizza as its raining outside and what's the harm, right? It’s Friday. You see all the cheese on the pizzas and think about the baby calf that had to be taken away from its mother at just one day old for us to be able to consume its milk. You get home and turn on the TV, you’re in your safe place, all the vegan goodies you could ask for in the cupboard, and you sit down to watch your favourite program an advert for makeup comes on. You look at all the wonderful in season colours, and you think of all the rabbits that had to suffer and die for that one lipstick, then the advert straight after is a coat company, which you know uses real fur, they are advertising it as “a must-have for the season” you think that the fur that is around that hood should be on the animal itself, not an item of clothing. You see all the “normal” everyday things that meat eaters see, but you know the reality. 

I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to stop talking about veganism at work, as I was made to feel like what I had to say had no purpose, that I was just irritating people. So I stopped, I didn’t bring it up, I didn’t post anything on my Facebook. I was embarrassed.


Embarrassed to be vegan. All this time I had been so proud to say that I was doing something, that I was making a difference. My anxiety would rocket when I would have to

ask if something was vegan, or if someone who didn’t know asked me if I was vegan and then asked why? Why was I so ashamed to say that I stand for something? Why was I so beaten down by the people that say they don’t care, and why did I let them get to me? After a few weeks I was so anxious and so down about who I had become, I thought why am I taking advice from the people I am trying to stop? I was a voice, a voice for those who cannot speak, just because my feeling where hurt does that give me a reason to stop fighting? Who if not me will fight? Who will stand up and get shouted at, who will go home crying after a vigil? Who will post about it and write about it to make others see! I am a voice, and so are you, we need to stand together through hardship, this was never going to be easy. Many more animals will die before we end this torture. But they will not die without love, without compassion, and without cause.


Every life has a purpose and the more we film, write and talk about it the further our message will spread. We need to expose what is right and wrong, if you make other people uncomfortable in the process then so be it. But never stop being who you are. You are the person that is going to help change the world one day.

These words are easy to say but a lot more challenging to put into practice every day. I won't lie to you; recently I have felt so helpless. What can I possibly do that will help enough, that will make enough difference? A couple of week ago I attended my first vigil. I thought after three years of being vegan that it wasn’t just enough to not contribute to the meat and dairy industry, I had to stand up and be in the fight for change. On that morning when I pulled up to the slaughterhouse, I nearly drove away the minute I had time to think about what I was doing. But what would that have done? I would have been as bad as the people out there that didn’t want to see the truth when it is staring them in the face. I got out of my car and stood and heard the cries for help from those innocent animals. What does upsetting myself achieve you ask? It gives me drive.


Everything fell in line that morning I stood with my fellow activists and thought it’s not just me, yes I am only one person, we are all just one person, but if all those people stand together, change happens.


You’re never alone. Even if you don’t know anyone else that is vegan, even if all your family and friends don’t understand, if you have tried to have the conversation a million times and no one is listening, there is always someone you can speak to.

Join your local ANONYMOUS FOR THE VOICELESS group. Join THE SAVE MOVEMENT, go to your local vegan cafe and find someone to talk to.


We are all in this together; we can do this. 2018 is the year that the world takes veganism seriously.


Be on the right side of history.  

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