Astrology with Deborah


Deborah Maw Dip API, teacher, scientist and artist, has been

a practicing astrological counsellor for over 30 years, working with individuals of all ages including babies and children, couples, families and groups. Deborah has taught beginners and diploma students using experiential techniques such as astro drama, art and making astrological essences, and has written articles for the API magazine, Conjunction.

Astrology is a language to describe patterns; the patterns of the stars and planets. When an individual asks to have an astrology reading they are giving the astrologer permission to look at the pattern of the stars at the time and location of that individual's birth (or event) and construct a birth chart. No two individuals have identical birth charts (unless maybe they were born right next to each other at exactly the same time). And even then the birth chart is a bit like the genotype (the genetic makeup) of an individual, it is the blueprint with which they were born, however, how that individual expresses their genotype is dependent on the effects of their enviroment and personal choices. 


A particular planetary pattern can give clues to an individual's personality, but how they live that pattern will be up to the individual. Therefore, newspaper horoscopes etc and interpretations in books, can only give the loosest approximation of a reading; it's not that they are wrong, they are just highly generalised to cover everyone's experience. To really understand how a birth chart is being lived, it is important for an astrologer to hear it from the individual (most astrologers now use video calls to do long distance readings). 


Most people associate Astrology with future predictions, wanting to know what the future will bring. Because it is up to the individual how they express their horoscope - we all have free will - most professional astrologers will not be specific as it is not ethical to influence anyone's free will. However, the birth chart enables the astrologer to see life patterns very quickly and give quite precise dates either in the past or future when significant events have or may occur. This gives the individual both an opportunity to see how seemingly separate life events in the past are part of a pattern and provide a more informed basis on how to use this pattern, possibly more constructively, in the future. 


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